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Can I join?

6th November 2017
Hotel Miguel Ángel 5* by BlueBay, Madrid

Professional and press with accreditation from 12 to 19 h.
Open to the public form 19:30 to 22 h.

If you want to attend Salon Vinoro Autumn 2017 keep in mind this main condition: to be the winner of a GOLD, GRAND GOLD medal or equivalent.

There are three different ways to assist to Salon Vinoro: you may ask for a Complete Table if you want to show from 3 to 5 wines that achieved the Gold medal; Shared Table if you want to come with 1 or 2 winners; and a Free Tasting Area, where your winner wines will be shown among other wines that own a Gold or Grand Gold medal.

If you are a winery and want information about the Salon Vinoro Autumn 2017, fill in your details in our form, we will contact you as soon as possible.