Vinoro 2019 Otoño se celebrará el 4 de NoviembrePlazo de solicitud de acreditaciones abierto

Prepare your participation

To plan before the Salon

  • Decide how many wines will participate in Salon Vinoro depending on the awards obtained.
  • Review the compliance with the contracting deadlines established in the Salon Regulations.
  • Predict the goods needed and the logistics.
  • Communicate to everybody: announce to your costumers your participation in Salon Vinoro 2017 Autumn edition, and invite them to visit it.
  • Announce previously the products, services and novelties that you will present in the event.
  • Prepare the needed material to deliver at your stand during the event.
  • Study and evaluate the possibility of obtaining support for your participation: distributors, partners, etc…
  • Properly choose the commercial staff that will attend your stand, informing them about the objectives you want to achieve.

During the Salon

  • Check that the organization has prepared everything for the proper development of the event.
  • There will be hours of great influx, so it is important to calculate the times to dedicate to each visit based on your interest, time is gold.
  • Take advantage of the presence of journalists who will cover the event, they are a great speaker for your messages.
  • Do not disassemble or leave your stand before the end of Vinoro. The image of your company could be seriously harmed.

Afer Vinoro

  • Check the contacts that you established and get in touch with all of them, starting with the most interesting for you.
  • Valuate the impact in press and media. The organization of Salon Vinoro will make a great publicity effort, so that all the participant can benefit.

Download the Salon Vinoro 2017 exhibitors manual