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Who makes it?

What’s Salon Vinoro?

Salón Vinoro is an initiative drive by some wine competitions in Spain:  Vino y Mujer, Nuevo Vino, Premios Magnum, Me Gusta, Premios 3 B, Premios AEPEV, Premios Mezquita, CINVE, Cofradía de Monastrell, Envero, Estella-Lizarra and Valdeorras among others.

Salon Vinoro is born with the purpose of recognise all the wineries that achieve a Gold or Grand Gold medal during the course of the year before the event take place. Salon Vinoro want to reunite all this wines and wineries with all the professionals that want to invest in wine, improving the wine list in their business. Also want to draw the attention of the press over this fine wines of extraordinary quality that will be presented in Salon Vinoro. And, of course, Salon Vinoro is an event where wine lovers can taste some of this wines and improve their knowledge about national and international wines.

Partner enterprise:



ALAMESA, S.L. is the company in charge of the organization of Salon Vinoro, assisted by different collective for the proper development of the event.

There are both an organizing and executive committees, responsibles of the organization and development of the event, under the supervision of Salon Vinoro’s director.

Salon Vinoro 2017 director is Mr. Ernesto Gallud Mira, General Secretary of the Spanish Wine Journalists and Writers Association, international wine writer, oeno-gastronomic journalist and author of the Spanish Monovarietal wine guide “Sin Mala Uva”.